Immigration 101: Relief From Removal

If the immigration judge determines that you are inadmissible or deportable from the US, you may still be able to avoid removal if you can show that you are eligible for one of the various forms of relief from removal. There are many different types of relief available to people in removal proceedings. The most common forms of relief are explained in the articles linked below. Some of these forms of relief are also available to aliens who have not yet been placed in removal proceedings, but who want to be allowed to stay in the US legally.

These forms of relief are subject to many different rules, requirements, bars, and exceptions, and we cannot outline all of these in the summaries below. If you believe that you might qualify for one of these forms of relief, it is critical that you speak with an experienced immigration attorneyto learn more about whether you will be eligible for a grant of relief from removal.

If you are not eligible for any form of relief, or if you and your attorney believe that it would be in your best interest, you can apply for a grant of voluntary departure.

This article is part of our ongoing “Immigration 101” series, in which we break down topics in US immigration law. For more articles in this series, click here.

The content in this post was originally written by Stuart Nickum and adapted by Lena Barouh.

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